Friday, November 11, 2016

Are you ready for Winter trips?

Before you take that trip to Grandma's house, here are a few things to check on your car, light truck or SUV

  • All of the interior and exterior lighting
  • Make sure that you wiper blades are clean and not torn-replace them if needed
  • Your windshield washer fluid-add if needed
  • Your antifreeze for proper level and condition. Service if needed. (If you had to add a couple of quarts you may want a service professional to check it for leaks)
  • Consider having your vehicle serviced even if it is a little early. That way you can have a service professional check it out.
  • Your tires, The wear should be even. Check your tire pressure (there is usually a sticker in the driver’s door jamb that will list the proper pressure. If the tread is getting low, you may want to replace the tires. Consider winter tires if you will be in a area where snow and ice is common. 
  • for film on the windows. The haze can act like a reflector and cause difficulty seeing at night. Remember all of the windows, not just the front!
  •  to make sure that you have a full tank of gas.
Create an emergency kit that includes at least:   

·        Jumper cables
·        Flares or reflective devices
·        First aid kit
·        Tire pressure gauge
·        Bottled drinking water
·        Spare change of clothes & extra hat & gloves
·        Cell phone and charger
·        Important papers (like medical cards & emergency contacts list)
·        Flashlight & spare batteries
·        Window scraper
·        Hand warmers
·        Spare bag of sand and/or rock salt
·        Energy bars
·        A copy of your auto club card

  Planning is essential when you are taking a trip. Planning ahead for emergencies will not keep you from having the occasional glitch, but it can help make it a lot less stressful for the times when something does comes up. Remember-if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Andy is the service manager @ Hockett & Olsen Automotive. He can be reached via email: