Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mice love cars!

Here is a topic that comes up every year about this time. Mice & rodents. They chew wires, make nests and use the whole world as a restroom. The little critters just want to be safe and warm.

Here is a very bad case, but a great example of what can happen when they move into the neighborhood-

What do you do to keep them from damaging your car wiring and hoses? Poison is an option, but is hazardous to pets and other animals. So maybe we should call it a NON option. Just like you and I, they want to be comfortable. If it is uncomfortable for them, they will leave. Mouse traps with peanut butter can help rid the car of the unwanted guests. There are many non-lethal deterrents. Most have to do with a scent or smell that they do not like. This is the method we recommend. We use a product that I call "mouse pot pouree". It comes in the form of  a large tea bag and is should be renewed about every 4-6 weeks. Stop by today for a FREE quick visual inspection under the hood!

Have a great day.